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Advertising and Sharing Revenue Businesses

Our Top 3

1) My Paying Ads

This revenue sharing program is my favorite. It was launched on March 30, 2015 and since then, it made a lot of people happy.


This revshare has a very trusted and sincere admin. His name is Uday Nara and is from Singapore. Uday has some future plans to turn My Paying Ads into a long-term program and he is very active in the official Facebook Group of My Paying Ads.


The way the share plans are structured and due to the great support of the people registered into this program, My Paying Ads reached in only a few months 33053 members and has paid $929543.81 to its members (statistics from September 2, 2015). Not to mention that more and more revenue sharing sites started to copy its model.


My Paying Ads is therefore a trustworthy program who pays on time.

There are multiple plans for the sharing positions with prices for every man’s pocket. The share prices are increasing slightly with each plan. The lowest plan starts with shares that worth $1 each and maturate at $1.20. The shares from the highest plan cost $50 each and maturate at $75. There is no membership fee.

If you refer other people into this program, you will earn 10% each time they purchase shares.


Referring people is completely optional, but this can really skyrocket your earnings.

Once you understand the business model, it’s very easy to make money with My Paying Ads.


2) Venture Plug Traffic

Venture Plug Traffic is very similar to My Paying Ads. It has the same structure for the levels of the ad-pack plans and it’s very similar in about all the other aspects, with some slight differences here and there.


Due to all the resemblances, lot of people from My Paying Ads joined also this revenue sharing site.

If you are into more revenue sharing programs at the same time, you can use the banner advertising credits from one site to get referrals for other.


The founder of Venture Plug Traffic is Harvey Earl. He seems to be an honest man and very active on the official Facebook group of Venture Plug.


This site was opened recently, but already gathered enough trust from the people. Also, there is no membership fee for this site and you will earn 10% from your referral purchases.


3) HQ Rev Share

This is another revenue sharing program who is rapidly becoming very popular. Launched on August 08, 2015, HQ Rev Share managed to get until today, September 2, 2015, 12025 registered members and paid $169284.60 to its members.


The founder of this revenue sharing site is Han Mohamad. You can find him in the official Facebook group.


There are four plans for the ad packs, starting from $5. You earn 12% commissions from any purchase made by your referrals and 30% Referral click on the PTC ads.




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